Over the last few years, the greatest concern of the global political agenda has been to find a way to overcome the crisis and therefore to look for effective policy instruments and even for new theoretical economic frameworks. Some effort has been made in order to respond to this concern, but we still miss adequate tools for exploring and governing the complex global dynamics of our economic and social system. On the top of the urgency to find a way out of the crisis, and to prevent future crises by making the global economy more resilient, we need new tools to explore the possibility of broad societal transitions to sustainable patterns of production and consumption. In particular, it is crucial to explore financial sector regulations and macroeconomic policies that help to trigger these sustainability transitions.
SYMPHONY aims at providing a set of innovative ICT tools, integrated in a platform designed to tackle these pressing issues.

The work will be developed in strict cooperation with stakeholders and policy-makers, involved in the project to devise appropriate scenarios and modelling requirements. The main objective of the project is to develop a framework for designing and testing policies and regulatory measures regarding:

  • preventing and mitigating economic and financial crises;
  • fostering an economically and ecologically sustainable growth path.

SYMPHONY’s strategy to successfully accomplish its mission is to orchestrate a set of tools that will be able to:

  • collect and analyze relevant information by means of social media mining tools and web-based information markets;
  • simulate the complex economic dynamics by means of an agent based model of the global economy, explicitly designed for policy making;
  • involve citizens in the decision making process through a serious game interface, and through a set of information markets on the artificial economy that will allow us to overcome the huge economic impasse of properly modeling expectations.