Shocking Moment shipment of concrete shackles falls and crushes a row of parked vehicles on a street in Brazil

This horrifying scene occurs after a load of concrete shackles drops off a truck in Brazil, crushing a line of parked cars.

In a segment of Benedita Silveira Avenue, one of the main routes in the city of Barreiras in the northeastern state of Bahia, a semi-truck towing the piled tubes on a flatbed trailer can be seen in surveillance footage as it prepares to turn.

A woman is staring down at her phone when she glances up to witness the horrifying scene unfold and dashes into a building to get out of the way of falling objects.

A motorcycle and a car that is parked in front of it are crushed when at least four of the cement shackles abruptly flip over to the right.

Several more shackles continued to fall off the flatbed, totally crushing the left side of a pickup truck.

Another shackle subsequently falls off the trailer and hits a second pickup truck before the driver comes to a stop.

The majority of the shackles were still intact, although some of them broke into big pieces.

Fortunately, no drivers or passengers were inside the cars at the time of the July 27 collision, and no injuries were mentioned by the authorities.

Not yet known is what caused the collision or whether citations were given.