Vladimir Putin considering asking North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un for help in defeating Ukraine

a helpless According to rumors in Russia, Vladimir Putin is considering asking Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, for assistance in his invasion of Ukraine. He is prepared to offer energy and grain in exchange for 100,000 soldiers.

According to Regnum news agency, North Korea has made it known through “diplomatic channels” that in addition to providing construction workers to repair war damage, it is prepared to provide a sizable fighting force in an effort to tip the scales in Moscow’s favor.

They would be assigned to the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic, two pro-Putin separatist states that Kim recently recognized as sovereign nations.

‘The country is ready to transfer up to 100,000 of its soldiers to Donbas,’ said the report by the pro-Kremlin news agency. ‘Pyongyang will be able to transfer its tactical units to Donbas.’

Kim’s struggling economy would receive grain and electricity in exchange.

Reserve colonel Igor Korotchenko, a renowned defense specialist in Moscow, said on Russian state television: “We shouldn’t be shy in embracing the hand presented to us by Kim Jong-un.”

‘There are claims that 100,000 North Korean volunteers are preparing to come and take part in the fight,’ said Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of Russia’s National Defence newspaper on Rossiya 1 channel.

He was questioned about their potential to be volunteers from North Korea, where complete obedience is expected, by other propaganda channel presenters.

However, he claimed that North Koreans were “undemanding and robust,” and that “their motivation is what matters most.” “We shouldn’t be shy in taking the hand extended to us by Kim Jung-un,” he told the audience.

‘If North Korean volunteers with their artillery systems, wealth of experience with counter battery warfare and large calibre multiple launch rocket systems, made in North Korea, want to participate in the conflict, well let’s give the green light to their volunteer impulse.’

“We should let them,” he continued, “if North Korea demonstrates a desire to fulfill its international obligation to combat Ukrainian fascism.” He asserted that the DPR and LPR had the “sovereign right” to execute the pertinent accords.

As one of its numerous attempts to defend Putin’s barbaric invasion that has murdered thousands of civilians and forced millions to abandon their homes, Russia has frequently claimed that Ukraine is a “fascist” nation.

Meanwhile, Korotchenko argued that Russia had to stop taking part in international sanctions on the Kim dictatorship.

Russia and North Korea have had ties since the Soviet Union was the first nation to formally recognize the DPRK in 1948. The United States provided assistance to the Korean People’s Army during the Korean

Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, relations between the two nations persisted, with Vladimir Putin giving them greater importance once he was elected president in 2000. Kim Jong Un accepted an offer to travel to Russia in 2015, and the two eventually crossed paths in 2019 in Vladivostok.

North Korea was one of five nations that voted against a UN resolution denouncing Putin’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the day he began it.

The Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics in Eastern Ukraine, which were taken by Russian forces during the invasion, have now received recognition from North Korea, making it the third nation to do so.

Ukraine reacted by severing all diplomatic ties with North Korea.

The assertion on North Koreans comes at a time when Russia is frantically trying to bolster its frontline soldiers by enlisting inmates in exchange for the suspension of their jail terms.

Men in their 50s and 60s are also being enlisted into a Dad’s Army with the promise of remuneration that exceeds what many earn in Putin’s faltering economy.

It occurs as the Russian invasion of Ukraine enters its sixth month, after Moscow arrogantly predicted that Kyiv would be under its control in just a few days.

Instead, Putin’s forces are engaged in a protracted battle with a resolute Ukrainian defense, with estimates of the number of Russian casualties in the tens of thousands.

The recent deployment of HIMARS missile systems from the United States to Ukraine’s arsenal has even started to tip the scales in Kyiv’s favor in some areas.

According to Ukrainian officials, they run up to 12 HIMARS units, whose precision and range have helped Kyiv lessen Russia’s artillery advantage.

Korotchenko is renowned for his vociferous support of Putin.

He recently asked Putin to attack Kyiv with a Kalibr cruise missile bearing the words “Hasta la vista baby!” during any visit by Boris Johnson, not to “kill” the UK prime minister but rather as a show of might.

He recently said that Russians should not feel ashamed of their desire to destroy Ukraine as a sovereign nation.

Such a goal was “totally healthy,” he declared.

He remarked, “It was mentioned here that Russia is attempting to erase Ukraine from the global geopolitical map.”

It’s not quite like that.

We are erasing a geopolitical project that is hostile to Russia.

He wrongly asserted that Ukraine had “never existed” as a fully sovereign state in the past. He claimed that “it is an artificial “shape” that was created as a result of the Bolsheviks’ post-1917 national agenda.

However, it was now being used as “a springboard for an attack against Russia.”

From the perspective of the national interests of our country, its political elite “have no right to exist.”

The West “won’t be able to influence the decisiveness of our country’s and our people’s leadership to make it so that such a threat from the area now known as Ukraine never emerges,” according to the Russian government.