Police shut off Perth street after a man is seen with bulletproof and assault rifle

After alarmed shoppers raised the alarm, heavily armed cops swarmed on an attractive man wandering by a crowded shopping center holding what seemed to be an assault rifle.

A significant portion of central Perth was blocked off by police emergency response units out of concern for a shootout with the muscular suspect who was also wearing a bulletproof vest.

The elite Special Response Group of Western Australia had a severe fright when the enigmatic man strolled nonchalantly across the upscale Kings Street shopping center on Sunday.

However, as soon as the police started moving, they realized there had been a grave error.

The suspected gunman was actually a 31-year-old exotic dancer named Chad Satchell, who was on his way to work dressed in a police SWAT costume – and the rifle was just a prop.

After authorities received two distinct reports of a man impersonating a police officer carrying a sizable pistol, the drama started to play out at around 2.40pm (WST).

He might still be charged over the gun, which is thought to be a gel pellet blaster, but it’s not yet apparent if the prop had been rendered inoperable.

The potential penalties for using a gel blaster in WA are up to three years in prison or a $36,000 fine.

In July of last year, WA outlawed gel blasters, which fire water-filled gel pellets at 100 meters per second, because thieves were bringing the imitation weapons into the state and turning them into real ones.

After being taken into custody without incident, police stated that Mr. Satchell was “assisting with the investigation.”

While it turned out that there was no actual threat to the public, a police official said the incident was a warning that owning and openly displaying realistic-looking firearms or illegal weapons was a serious problem.

Police stated that the people who requested police assistance “had sincere worries for their safety and the safety of others.”

It would be quite challenging for any member of the public to tell whether the pistol in question was real or not because it looked so authentic.

Mr. Satchell lists himself as a director for the adult entertainment business Fantasy Entertainment Australia.

He also performs with many other entertainment groups at wild parties and hens’ nights all throughout Perth.

He promotes several shows online, including “SWAT,” “police,” “hot Wild West,” and “suave sailor.”

Mr. Satchell can be seen posing in one of the photographs on his booking website with an assault rifle held upright on his shoulder and his chest exposed, save for the open “SWAT” vest.

He has been employed by Fantasy Australia since 2017, and in October, he competed in a global bodybuilding competition.

On social media platforms, he also describes himself as a miner, investor, dancer, and business owner.

The “finer things in life,” according to Mr. Satchell, are “traveling, surfing, boxing, fine eating, fashion, fitness, photography, and videography.”

His frequently uploads images of himself working out in posh or exotic settings.