Climbing new heights: 4-year-old from Canton becomes the youngest person to climb every mountain in the Adirondacks

A 4-year-old from Canton is climbing to new heights by becoming one of the youngest people to climb all 46 peaks of the Adirondack Mountains.

Thea McElwaine and her father, Colt McElwaine, began their journey by climbing Cascade Mountain in 2020. Thea’s dad said hiking is her passion.

“We knew the day she started walking like as soon as this girl learned how to walk she loved to be outside, we had trails near our house and all she wanted to do was go a little further down the trail, explore a little more,” Colt said. “I would joke and say she knew all 46 mountains by name before she could count to 46 so she’s really an expert on this landscape.”

Thea also traveled near the Catskills to hike Slide Mountain one weekend before preschool started.